About Elvis

  • Best-selling Solo Music Recording Artist of all time
  • Over 1 billion record units sold worldwide
  • 15 Grammy nominations & 3 wins
  • Starred in 31 feature films, 3 concert documentaries, and 3 TV concert specials
Elvis Presley rose from humble circumstances to launch a cultural revolution that changed the world. More a rebel than a royal, he rose up against conformity and sneered at popular convention. He used music to punch a hole through both poverty and prejudice. With those looks, that voice, and a buckling restlessness that made every song he sang an anxious statement about changing America, he blazed the path we were all bound to follow. Elvis Presley has never been more relevant. A hero for modern times, no matter how often those times are reimagined.

Through family stories and folklore, we believe Robert Smith (Elvis’ maternal grandfather) was a sharecropper and an occasional moonshiner.
Why is Elvis so captivating? Perhaps it’s because his spirit mirrors our own aspirations and the revolutionary spirit of Rock and Roll. Elvis Presley speaks to the rebel inside all of us, the rebel that defies convention and strives to forge a path of truth, passion, and individuality.
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Grain & Barrel, a Charleston SC based spirits company, launched the Elvis Whiskey collection in 2021.  Given Grain & Barrel’s expertise within premium spirits, the Elvis Whiskey expressions are a natural fit for the company. The first two expressions feature an iconic photo of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” in his prime and pay homage to two of the legendary singer’s most popular nicknames: The King (rye), and Tiger Man (whiskey). The third release, Midnight Snack, celebrates the flavors from Presley’s midnight snack sandwich of peanut butter, bananas and bacon. The labels feature notable references to Presley, including his signature and the letters “TCB” printed on the neck of the bottle, referring to “Taking Care of Business,” a phrase which was the mantra for Elvis and his Memphis Mafia.